De Freitas

Asha De Freitas ATC, BS, MS. is a certified Athletic Trainer, Sports Therapist, entrepreneur and sport administrator.


Asha De Freitas has worked with a number of national and international teams including The Trinbago Knight Riders, The T&T National Rugby team and TT Pro League teams.


Asha’s desire to impact sports therapy has seen her create and co-own companies such as Pulse Performance Ltd, Altus Health Services and Spartan Sports Science and Rehabilitation.


Asha’s experience working in T&T as a sports therapist, paired with her international experience working with various teams, has given her a unique perspective of the sporting landscape home and abroad. This knowledge has allowed her to apply creative techniques to expanding her profession and revolutionizing the sports medicine approach in her various projects.

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With over 20 years experience behind her, Asha’s goal is to always bring positive energy to whatever position she holds in order to remain open to developing herself as well as those around her professionally and personally.